Crocodile Matchets

410 443 446 404 14

We manufacture Patterns 410, 443, 446, 404 & 14. These products come out strong, resilient, sharp and undergoing 24 elaborate production processes with quality control as the main emphasis.

To uphold the Crocodile brand, the procurement, production and distribution processes have been carefully designed Best Quality Products, Customer Care, and Competitive Prices to our target market.

Hoe, Oil Palm Sickles, Wheel

Crocodile Matchets blades are made from hot rolled high quality British Steel. The steel strips used by Crocodile Matchets (Ghana) Limited in its manufacturing process are produced by the Rolling Mill of our parent company, Ralph Martindale & Company Limited so as to ensure that the steel meets the specification and standards required by the Crocodile brand of Products.

Quality assurance procedures on timber blanks for moulding the handles of the matchets include ensuring that their moisture content is appropriate so as to make consistent and resistant to split under normal and even slightly harsh circumstances.

Crocodile Matchets have been tried and tested over generations and are the most accepted and preferred brand of matchets worldwide.