Crocodile Matchets
it's always fun, when I'm going to the farm

Welcome to the website of Crocodile Matchets (Ghana) Limited, the leading
manufacturer of high quality brand matchets in Ghana and the West African
Sub-region under the Crocodile trademark. Since its establishment in 1968
in Tema, the industrial city of Ghana, Crocodile Matchets (Ghana) Limited
has consistently lived up to its mission of making highest quality matchets at affordable prices available to farmers.

Crocodile Matchets (Ghana) Limited, a subsidiary of Ralph Martindale &
Company Limited currently has a staff strength of about 300 highly skilled
and experienced employees.

Crocodile Matchets (Ghana) Limited has a solid corporate status. The operations of the company exhibit commitment to care for the environment and national development. Over the years the company has lived up to its social responsibilities by supporting health and other events at both the community and national levels.

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